Sinful Goddesses



BUST: 106
HIPS: 94
HAIR: blond
EYES: blue

Isn't it great, the play of imagination? I'm Aelita, and you won't know me by another name. You won't see me in the street or in shops, only here. I'll be your blonde-haired witch, the ultimate lady to turn you on and let your dreams flow. In every shoot, I work hard to deliver the best performance, thinking about you on the other end. So, abandon your earthly self at the entrance, and join me in this wild land of sinful imagination!

Flesh and steel come clashing together as Aelita reveals her deadly weapons, including her sharp heavy sword and her striking body with a pair of breathtaking breasts. Her shapes combined with the danger of her sword make your heart race at double pace. See as she brings her cold steel so close to her warm damp pink that you want to protect her from herself.

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