Sinful Goddesses



BUST: 93
HIPS: 92
HAIR: red
EYES: green

Hello everyone, my name is Kira. I am a dreamy girl who loves the thrill of a change. Every shooting is like a play in the theatre for me! I let myself go and my character transforms me into something I can’t even predict myself! I'm a strong, emotionless Amazon today and a sensual sorceress tomorrow. I enjoy using different outfits, and some of these were made by me. Being versatile is important for me, I would love to continue my career as an actress. That's me in a nutshell!

Kira is beautiful and full of magic in every possible meaning. Her arcane powers and her erotic appeal will subdue everything around, including the elements - and yourself. Watch her play and dance in her gown which is merciful enough to give you more and more of her full, tight, strong body with every swift, sexy move she makes. Magic!

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