Sinful Goddesses



BUST: 88
HIPS: 93
HAIR: black
EYES: gray

Where are you, real masculine men to take control over me? My name is Polly, but you can call me whatever you want. I'm always weak in the knees when a hot man treats me rough. Discover my rich character and check whether you could be this powerful man! In my every shoot I open up completely, offer all my treasures to you, the one. See if you can tame my fire which burns for you once you know the right way to handle it. I'm a special thing!

The scent of sex blends with the kinky aroma of perversion. Dark, sexy Polly here is all clad in black, carrying a menacing shiny weapon. Heat level goes up and then up again as the mean beauty teases you with sights of her royal gems. She’s ready for love and battle, and then some love again. Let your heart skip a beat or two as the dangerous beauty reveals her budding female flesh from the black cover of her irresistible outfit.

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