Sinful Goddesses



BUST: 96
HIPS: 93
HAIR: dark
EYES: grey

When Tory is around, you will feel weak in the knees, and you won't know if it's from excitement or from fear. In fact, it's the combination of both, which is something this tall, dark-haired Amazon always brings about. Think of a battlefield where you cannot move a limb charmed with this sexy, dangerous creature's eyes and body sending waves upon waves of sexual energy. Just see what the prize of the figurative fight with Tory can be.

It\'s Tory and you, nobody else. The tall, strong, mean-minded girl has wild sex appeal pouring out of her every pore. Watch, stunned, as her heavy, sharp sword flies in the air, preventing you from getting closer, something you surely want. In the end, the lovely young lady seemingly calms down exposing her tattoo and the hairless lips.

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