Sinful Goddesses



BUST: 94
HIPS: 92
HAIR: brown
EYES: brown

The radiance of sun and the glitter of gold are the natural habitat for Ursula, a shiny blonde who offers so many of her treasures to those who deserve it. Chase this goddess across the sands of a desert and try to capture her adorable, perfectly fit body which calls for attention and yet preserves a teasing distance. If you are good enough, Ursula’s bright character will shine on you, but you have to deserve it first!

Sand, her beautiful skin, and the scarce, sand-colored skirt and footwear Ursula is wearing create a perfect ensemble for this sun-filled episode. Follow the golden-haired Amazon as she plays in the sand, looking perfectly natural there, just like the elves of the woods and rivers. Her long legs, fine, smooth back, and of course the lovely, mouth-watering breasts build a symphony of bright, shiny femininity bathing in the sun and the warm summer air.

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